Tension and Ericsson are working together with various tasks within sports experiences, and racing is one of them.  


CLIENT: Ooredoo, Ericsson, Batelco
PARTNER: Ericsson

DURATION: 2 months

FEATURES: Proprietary video streaming solution, Sub-second buffering/latency streaming, Automatic real-time camera switching, 360° Camera, Augmented Reality mode, Behind-car 3D view, and more.

TYPE: Sports Demo Application for Public Installation.


To show how 5G (provided by Ericsson) can be experienced in a fun and creative way, Tension has developed a demo for an immersive racing experience application, which has been displayed in Barcelona (during the Mobile World Congress) and in Bahrain, during the F1 races. The demo contains a preview of an interactive race track where users can choose a camera of their choice (placed out on the car track) to follow a specific car on the track or jump into a 360 camera VR-set that allows you to experience the race as if you were standing in the middle of the track.

Compatible with smartphone and tablet and works just as well at home as on the actual arena.


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