Tension and Ericsson, together with the telecom operator Ooredoo, were in May 2019 at the inauguration of the Al Wakrah stadium in Doha, Qatar. The arena is intended to be used during the FIFA World Championship.


CLIENT: Ooredoo
PARTNER: Ericsson

DURATION: 3+ months

FEATURES: 180° Camera coverage, 13+ camera angles, 360° Camera, Proprietary video streaming solution, Sub-second buffering/latency streaming, and more.

TYPE: Sports Demo Application for Public Installation.


To show how 5G (provided by Ericsson) can be experienced in a fun and creative way, Tension developed a demo for an Immersive Sports Experience application, which was displayed in Qatar during the finals of the football cup: Emir Cup.

The demo contains a preview of the arena where users can choose one of 13 cameras (placed out on the arena) to experience the game. The users could also jump into a 360 VR camera-set that allowed them to see the match from a breathtaking angle high above the players and audience.

The demo was showcased at the inauguration of Al Wakrah and at the same time at Mall of Qatar in the Ooredoo Stage area.

Compatible with smartphone and tablet, the application will work in the future just as well at home as on the actual arena.


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