Graphic Designer - UI & UX

Falun, Sweden



Om jobbet

Mainly working in projects where we deliver applications to customers but also work with game development, proof of concepts, demos, and other tasks.

Something that you also will be doing at Tension is teamwork: it’s essential that you can work (and get along) in a group with others. We don’t demand you to be a chitter-chatter, but you must understand the importance of teamwork.

We’d like to see you being able to take on responsibilities without someone having to tell you what to do. A driven person with a will to do stuff outside your skill zone. You’ll get all the support and help you’ll need from us, but the drive and will to learn is something that you’ll be responsible for yourself.

Here, you’ll get to do whatever you think is fun and have skills in doing. If you’re a 3D artist that would like to do some coding or a backend developer that would like to learn more about automation – we’ll encourage you to do it! Nothing’s written in stone regarding your work tasks. You can be involved and influence your days here at Tension!

Vad vi vill ha av dig

  • Someone that dare ask questions when they need to.

  • Communicative person that understand the importance of the whole team’s skills.

  • Driven and curious person willing to dive into a task or assignment you don’t know much about but have a mindset that you can solve it through teamwork.

  • A person with knowledge of Unity & Unreal is a plus.

  • Someone who understands UI & UX – and likes it!

Om oss

We use new technology and develop innovative solutions to help businesses reach their full potential.

It may sound like fluff, but it’s what we do here. We bridge over gaming platforms, code standards, and graphic design and come up with crazy new ideas - with hardware that sometimes doesn’t make any sense. We’ve been partying like this since 1999. Based in Falun, Sweden, Tension also includes the companies Tension Technology, Tension Education, Megafront, PlaygroundSquad, and Adit Studios.

The businesses within the Tension Group are all different companies but with the same mojo: “Having fun with technology through a gamers’ perspective.”