This Tuesday Region Dalarna held an event in Tensionhuset, on the topic
The game industry + tourism. The workshop – which included both panel discussions and lectures – gathered people from Dalarna from a variety of areas, including commercial, industrial, educational, public service and the games industry.
After some mingle, Magnus Björkman (Tension Graphics), Lotta Magnusson (Destination Dalarna) and Susanna Heldt Cassel (Högskolan Dalarna) welcomed everyone and together presented their thoughts about the game industry and tourism as a joint concept.
One good example of how the game industry and tourism can mutual benefit from cooperation is the Falun2015 Live app that Tension Graphics created together with Ericsson for the World Championship in Skiing event held in Falun in 2015.
The big discussion during the day was how to keep the technologic development going, and through that attract people to visit or even move to Dalarna.
If and when technology such as this would transcend from solely being an event-oriented novelty, to becoming an integrated part of everyday life, was raised and debated during the panel discussion – when gamification (or as Magnus would put it; coolification) becomes an integrated part of our experience when traveling, or even when we partake of an event from the comfort of our sofa.
Representing the games industry was Per Strömbeck from Dataspelsbranschen, Mats Persson and Magnus Björkman from Tension Graphics. To represent and speak for Dalarna’s commercial and industrial interests was Mikael Sundström from Ericsson, Susanne Timsjö from PIIA and
Jonas Nyberg from Södra Dalarnas Sparbank. Jonas Nyberg was also present, representing
Falu Kommun