As many of you already know Tension was one of the companies that sponsored project Stugan last year. This year we’ll proudly do it once again.
Our CEO Magnus Björkman and project manager Jon Bylund helped finding this year’s location; Bjursås, in Falu municipality. Twice as many people have applied this year, and the selection process is well underway as all applicants are screened carefully.

The Stugan organisers report that people from 43 different countries - "all continents represented save for Antartica" - are eagerly wanting to participate in this year’s event.

Stugan 2016 will run from July 8th until August 27th and is supervised by leading individuals in the Swedish game industry, representing DICE, Good Bye Kansas, Mojang, Resolution Games, Avalanche Studios and Snowprint Studios among others. 
“Senior games industry leaders from Sweden and also other countries will visit the cabin and hold lectures and workshops focusing on several different areas of game development.”

With great expectation and excitement we look forward to see what this year of project Stugan will produce!

About Stugan:
Stugan is a non-profit organisation that initiates and oversees an annual accelerator program for aspiring game developers. The word “Stugan” means “the cabin” in Swedish, and is also a throwback to the name of the first Swedish commercial computer game made in 1978. Stugan offers the expertise of the established Swedish game industry, and aims to provide opportunities for upcoming game developers through development, publishing, marketing and more, to ensure a successful games launch. Stugan supporters - amongst others - include Oskar Burman, General Manager of Rovio Stockholm; Tommy Palm, CEO and co-founder of Resolution Games and Karl Magnus Troedsson, VP of group strategy at Electronic Arts (EA).