onsite festival

Make the festival experience even more enjoyable with a companion app based on OnSite Event. A companion is a smooth and modern way to view the schedule and facilities at a festival. Create a custom schedule and don’t miss a thing. Stay up to date with any news and changes.


O-FESTIVAL is the app for your festival, fair, conference or event that has that little extra, a that wow-feeling. The app supports functions like event program, schedules, lists, planning, maps, information about ongoing program, sponsors etc. Anything you want in your app is up to you, you decide! With the O-FESTIVAL app you can integrate with your own database so that all info is up to date and relevant for your users.

ONSITE FESTIVAL can be used for: 

  • Music festivals 

  • Shows

  • Fairs

  • Seminar events

  • Conferences





Peace & Love 2016/2017

Beställare: Peace and Love Stiftelse, Borlänge kommun

Projektets tid: 2 months

Funktioner: map overview, schedules, sponsor videos.

Användning: Officiell app for the music festival Peace and Love in Borlänge, Sweden during 2016 and 2017. In the app you can select the game schedule from over 100 artists, see which scene they play and test through Spotify or Youtube. The app shows who currently plays on a map of the area and you can also create your own game schedule.