Transform production with 3D visualization and gamification. A companion app based on the ONSITE INDUSTRY module for workers makes communication and navigation efficient, displays and prioritizes tasks as well as rewards finished tasks.


ONSITE INDUSTRY Is included as part of the Onsite family, focusing primarily on industrial activities. O-INDUSTRY can create a 3D visualization of a factory or a particular process. The software supports functions regarding work order management. With O-INDUSTRY you can implement a reward system for preventive measures and team-based improvement work, as well as for collaboration between shift teams.

Examples of how ONSITE INDUSTRY can be used:

  • Visualization of the workflow in a factory (also adaptable to other processes)

  • With process-oriented improvement work simplify tasks as reporting error etc.

  • Make it easy for employees, colleagues and visitors to find the right place on the premises

  • Have virtual study visits where the physical environment doesn’t allow for actual visits (ex: noisy or inaccessible areas)

  • Can be used as a platform for Industry 4.0 development





Gamification of Skutskär

Beställare: Ericsson & Ironman

Projektets tid: 4 månader + 6 dagar

Funktioner: based on 5G tech with 3D environments, athlete tracking, real-time updates, video streaming, Virtual Reality, no-delay notifications, map overview & AR.

Användning: Officiell app för tävlingen VM Ironman i Lahti, Finland med funktioner som geo-tracking per tävlande, live-kameror som stramar loppet, statistik, 3D-kartor och interaktiva miljöer. Nedladdningsbar app som finns i AppStore och Google Play.