Experience a sports event in an exciting and flexible way thanks to the functionality of OnSite GEO. Explore a 3D-map of the area and follow your favourite athletes in real-time. Choose your favourite way to track the action; 3D-map overview, VR, AR and more. Stream video of the event live directly through the companion app.

Everything off course with 5G compatibility.

Fun fact: With Onsite, the world’s first 5G app “KT Omniview” was created together with Ericsson for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018.


O-SPORT is based on the functions of O-GEO and is mostly used for sports events. Take your sports happening to a new level, where you let the viewer at home become its producer. Do you want to be able to see the goal up closer? No problem. Just choose the camera closest and watch it live from the angle you wish to – it’s up to you to decide how you want to experience the game/race/event. In the app, you can also choose what statistics and info you want and which notifications to be shown. Show the match/event in VR or through a 360-camera, and add effects to your digital arena with sponsor videos, etc.

Examples of how ONSITE SPORT can be used:

  • Do a demo of how a sports event can be experienced with 360 cameras, VR, etc. 

  • Show how 5G can be used and the perks of using 5G.

  • Stream a sporting event completely without delays and retardation with multiple cameras that your viewer chooses angles from

  • Show your arena/stadium with an interactive app that takes you to the arena without actually having to be there (with sold-out events etc.)

  • O-SPORT is based on the functions of O-GEO, and it’s, therefore, possible to applicate many different functions to the app that enhances the actual location of the sports event.


The perks of 5G

Tension’s at the forefront when it comes to development of 5G. Together with Ericsson we created the worlds first 5G app to the Winter Olympics, and we have invaluable expertise within 5G - the technology of the future.

O-SPORT is the perfect tool to demonstrate how 5G can be used to stream sport. 5G is the future of streaming, and with O-SPORT you'll be at the front line of it. With 5G you don't have to worry about bad and laggy streams, even if your audience consists of hundreds of thousands of viewers using your O-SPORT app at the same time. Your viewers can also watch an actual goal as it happens – from the camera angle of the viewers choice on her phone.

With 5G, you have endless opportunities and the features of your dreams. At Tension, we make it into reality with Onsite.


PROJECTS based on onsite sport

Skärmavbild 2019-04-30 kl. 10.06.59.png

Ironman 2019 in Lahti


PARTNER: Ericsson


FEATURES: Moving cameras, GPS tracking, Video streaming, RFID tracking, Automatic Camera switching, Live results, Venue information, Custom tracking & statistics, Behind-athlete view, and more.

TYPE: Official Sports Application for Public Release

CASE: Ironman 70.3 Lahti is planned to be an unrivaled live experience of the race. The application contains a preview of an interactive Ironman globe where users can get the latest news and info of Ironman events and races throughout the world.

Skärmavbild 2019-04-30 kl. 11.41.46.png


CLIENT: Ooredoo, Ericsson, Batelco

PARTNER: Ericsson

DURATION: 2 months

FEATURES: Proprietary video streaming solution, Sub-second buffering/latency streaming, Automatic real-time camera switching, 360° Camera, Augmented Reality mode, Behind-car 3D view, and more.

TYPE: Sports Demo Application for Public Installation

CASE: To show how 5G (provided by Ericsson) can be experienced in a fun and creative way, Tension has developed a demo for an immersive racing experience application, which has been displayed in Barcelona (during the Mobile World Congress) and in Bahrain, during the F1 races. The demo contains a preview of an interactive race track where users can choose a camera of their choice (placed out on the car track) to follow a specific car on the track or jump into a 360 camera VR-set that allows you to experience the race as if you were standing in the middle of the track.

Skärmavbild 2019-04-30 kl. 11.43.36.png

Winter Olympics in Korea 2018

CLIENT: Korean Telecom, Korean Sport & Olympic Committee

PARTNER: Ericsson

DURATION: 12+ months

FEATURES: World’s first public 5G application, GPS tracking, live results, automatic camera switching, venue information, 1st person view, App-to-App linking, Real-time video streaming, multiple cams, Analytics, Dynamic adverts, Dynamic sponsors, and more.

TYPE: 5G Sports App for Public Installation

CASE: The app enabled users to follow races in Cross Country Skiing during the Olympics in Korea. KT Omniview was the world’s first 5G app and was developed together with Ericsson. The app was used so set an example of how sports should be experienced from the crowd at home, sitting in their sofa and be their own TV producer.


Al-Wakrah Stadium Event

CLIENT: Ooredoo

PARTNER: Ericsson

DURATION: 3+ months

FEATURES: 180° Camera coverage, 13+ camera angles, 360° Camera, Proprietary video streaming solution, Sub-second buffering/latency streaming, and more.

TYPE: Sports Demo Application for Public Installation

CASE: To show how 5G (provided by Ericsson) can be experienced in a fun and creative way, Tension developed a demo for an Immersive Sports Experience application, which was displayed in Qatar during the finals of the football cup: Emir Cup. The demo contains a preview of the arena where users can choose one of 13 cameras (placed out on the arena) to experience the game. The users could also jump into a 360 VR camera-set that allowed them to see the match from a breathtaking angle high above the players and audience. The demo was showcased at the inauguration of Al Wakrah and at the same time at Mall of Qatar in the Ooredoo Stage area.


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