At TENSION GRAPHICS we thrive by mixing old and new technology and software. You will find us at the threshold between hardware and system design, in the gap where new gizmos want to find functional use, and where traditional concepts need a boost of innovative ideas. We've been bridging gaming platforms, code standards, graphical content, crazy new ideas and hardware that doesn't make sense since our conception in 1999. All this sounds pretty abstract, we know. But that's where we want to be.


TENSION TECHNOLOGY develops game engines, apps and other software solutions. We are the front line; making, breaking and coming up with new concepts that don't even have proper names. Yet. We collaborate with companies like Sony Computer Entertainment and Ericsson in everything from local to global projects, where the common factor is innovation and new technology.


MEGAFRONT was founded in Falun, Sweden in 2000 and is privately owned. Our mission is to provide the games and visual effects industry in The Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with the best software tools available. We work only with the highest ranking software manufacturers in the world. Megafront started as a reseller for Alias|wavefront and is now a premiere reseller for Adobe, Autodesk, Massive Software, NaturalMotion, Pixar, Syflex Software, ChaosGroup, Thinkbox, Qualisys. Our customers include most major games studios, visual effects studios and related schools in the region.


ADIT STUDIOS is a games company dedicated to excellence in design and realization. We obsess over innovative mechanics and visuals and love pure fun, immersion, and gaming experiences that matter. Aside from working on our own titles we are also swords for hire, with expertise in concept development as well as complex technical solutions. Among our clients are Fabrik Games and Sony Computer Entertainment.






PLAYGROUNDSQUAD is a Swedish higher vocational game development school. We've been delivering top notch designers, programmers, and artists to the industry at a steady pace since 2000. Studies are done full-time with classes held on-location in Falun, Sweden. Students may apply for financial aid (studiestöd) through CSN.The education is two years long (400 YH points), of which a fourth is spent doing lärande i arbete (LIA) - a work placement at a games studio of your choice where you hone your skills further as a budding game developer.


Magnus Bjorkman, CEO of PLAYGROUNDSQUAD UK: "PlaygroundSquad focuses on giving our apprentices the best knowledge and skills to work in the game development industry, specialising in three different disciplines: game art, game design and game programming. Together with Damar Training, an experienced apprenticeship provider, we look forward to growing the game development industry."