about tension

Our mission is what drives us to expand the potential of technology and digitalization.

We do that by making, breaking and coming up with new concepts at the frontline of innovating technology. We thrive by mixing old and new technology and software. We’ve been bridging gaming platforms, code standards, graphical content, crazy new ideas and hardware that doesn’t make sense since our conception in 1999. Based in Falun, Sweden, Tension also includes the companies Tension Technology, Tension Education, Megafront, PlaygroundSquad, and Adit Studios.

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Is to develop innovative ideas into applications, games, and concepts using cutting edge technology.



Is to break new grounds in traditional industries by mixing new and old technologies and techniques.



We’ve created ONSITE: The ultimate event companion app. Do you want to make your festival the event of the year, visualize an entire factory with its functions in a fun way or even turn a sports event into a futuristic experience, it’s OnSite you want.  With OnSite, we can offer you high-tech 3D environments, Virtual Reality, custom appearance, real-time tracking, AR and live video streaming – all in 5G with zero delays. 

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We’ve worked with different companies throughout the years and have done som really cool projects along the way. Off course there’s more to come and we look forward to create even cooler applications. Do you have an idea that you want to make into reality or want to see what we can do for your brand? Give us a DM and let’s see what we can work out.

Here’s some of our projects:


Our team comes from the gaming industry. We're nerds, and pro's when it comes to gamification and cool effects, but most of all we know how FUN works. We'll make your idea happen, whether it’s an event, app, festival, game – whatever. We’ll make it happen as long as it’s not boring. We don’t do boring.

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The Tension group consists of various companies, all working with our core values. Learn more about our businesses here.



We’re always looking for new superheroes to hire.