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PlaygroundSquad students working infront of a computer at school


Internship at TENSION

Learn from the best and create amazing stuff as you become a squad member! We’re always looking for new superstars to join our crew. Send us a spontaneous application! You never know what might happen.

Regarding Work Experience Programme (PRAO): We are happy to accept PRAO students from elementary school and high school with adapted courses of study as our environment is suitable for individually adapted tasks where you can test different working ways and methods within Game Development.

What you'll be doing here:

Mainly working on projects where we deliver applications to customers but also work with game development, proof of concepts, demos, and other tasks. At TENSION, teamwork is important. It’s essential that you can work (and get along) in a group with others. We don’t demand you to be a chitter-chatter, but you must understand the importance of teamwork.

We’d like to see you being able to take on responsibilities without someone having to hold your hand the entire time (of course, we'll hold your hand when it's necessary.) We want you to be a driven person with a will to do stuff outside your skill zone. You’ll get all the support and help you’ll need from us during your stay here to make your internship as good as possible.

Here, you’ll get to do whatever you think is fun and have skills in doing. If you’re a 3D artist that would like to do some coding or a backend developer that would like to learn more about automation – we’ll encourage you to do it! Nothing’s written in stone regarding your work tasks. You can be involved and influence your days here at TENSION!

Send in your application for internship

Tell us something about yourself and why you're the perfect fit for us, but most important: why is one* of the companies within the TENSION Group the perfect fit for you?

*(PlaygroundSquad, TENSION technology, TENSION graphics, Adit Studios)

I'm looking for:

Work samples

Work samples are needed when applying for an internship at a University or High Vocational college level. Although, we'd like to see work samples even on a Junior High and High School level too!

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For junior high and high school internships, we only accept students with an adapted course of study as our environment is suitable for individually adapted tasks. Do you have a customized course of study?

Thanks for your message! We'll get back to you soon.

From intern to employed

Nicklas Evaldsson, PlaygrondSquad teacher

Nicklas Evaldsson

He started as an intern, now he's a true brogrammer and supervisor within the TENSION Group.

Nicklas was a game programming student at the game development school PlaygroundSquad when he decided that he wanted to do his internship at TENSION. 

During his internship, he got to do different tasks that, in the end, got him employed at TENSION.

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