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Let us gamify it for you

At Tension, we do what we think is fun. It's simple: We don't do boring.

And since we’re a bunch of tech nerds from the gaming industry, we focus a lot on our projects to be fun, inspiring, filled with the latest technology, and include gamification of some sort.

We’ve taken on projects related to events, festivals, tourism, and different sports: racing, football, hockey, skiing, tennis, etc. We’ve done movies, games for PlayStation, 3D visualizations of different kinds, and create apps, demos, and 360° footage with VR. Heck, we’ve even done projects within the utility industry!


We can do almost anything with our technology. As long as the projects are fun with an open-minded client, anything is possible with a dash of imagination and gamification.

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Peter Marshall

Portfolio Marketing Manager, Ericsson

"Tension has an incredible can-do attitude, as well as listening to the requirements of a broad selection of people and bringing that together through co-creation and high levels of collaboration. Since I met the team over four years ago, they have always stretched my imagination and proved that it could happen."


Internet transmissions through 5G Proof of Concept in Belgrade, Serbia for the Telfor Event together mts Telekom Serbia, Ericsson, and Onsite Sport.

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