Recently the newspaper DT (Dalarnas tidning) had an article about the most powerful ladies in Dalarna. One of those presented in the article was PlaygroundSquad’s own education manager Linnea Agné.

Linnea started her career at SVT where she worked for eight years. She started as a broadcasting producer’s assistant and broadcasting producer at Gävle-Dala News in 2001. 
She worked at different areas of SVT after that, for example in Leksand where she was involved in the development of the program Perspektiv. This was a sign language-oriented show, and here she worked as broadcasting producer.
The show was pre-recorded, but made to look like a live show. ”We developed different solutions for different things in this production. At that time you didn't think that this was something innovative, You just wanted to do as good program as possible.”, says Linnea about the show’s format.
Basic sign language and the first experience in a managing position was something Linnea learned during this period.

Linnea wanted to try something new after this and started to work in Norrköping in bigger tv-productions. Shows she worked with includes Vi i femman, Fråga doktorn and Go kväll, but she also worked with OB-productions (outside broadcast). During her time at SVT Linnea got selected to be involved in SVT’s Junior board, this was something the ones with greatest potential got selected to be a part of.

After she got her kid she wanted to move back home to Falun, and it was there she met Magnus Björkman – the headmaster of PlaygroundSquad. Magnus had a bold project in progress and Linnea thought that the game industry sounded exciting. So in 2010, Linnea started to work at Tension Graphics – her current workplace, and one focused on game development and the education of people for that very industry.
”It is really fantastic and fun to see how people grow during their education, and also the close relation we have with different companies in the industry like Avalanche, Rovio, King and DICE”, says Linnea about her current line of work. “It is really fun to put Falun and Dalarna on the map in the game world, for example with the Stugan project where we (Tension Graphics) were involved.”
She finish with a message to all girls out there:
“We want more girls here! Give the game industry a chance, because it’s an incredibly exciting and creative industry with big potential.”