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Our mission is what drives us to expand the potential of technology and digitalization.

We do that by making, breaking and coming up with new concepts at the frontline of innovating technology. We thrive by mixing old and new technology and software. We’ve been bridging gaming platforms, code standards, graphical content, crazy new ideas and hardware that doesn’t make sense since our conception in 1999.



Let us take your brand to the next level with OnSite. We’re experts from the gaming industry and can make your event, festival, industry or race the happening of the year with this cool, user-friendly, super tech application.

With OnSite, we can offer you high-tech 3D environments, Virtual Reality, custom appearance, real-time updates, and notifications with zero delays and in 5G.


we develop innovative ideas into applications, games, and concepts using cutting edge technology.


SOME cool projects OF OURS



To show how 5G (provided by Ericsson) can be experienced in a fun and creative way, Tension developed a demo for an Immersive Sports Experience application, which was displayed in Qatar during the finals of the football cup: Emir Cup. The demo contains a preview of the arena where users can choose one of 13 cameras (placed out on the arena) to experience the game. The users could also jump into a 360 VR camera-set that allowed them to see the match from a breathtaking angle high above the players and audience. The demo was showcased at the inauguration of Al Wakrah and at the same time at Mall of Qatar in the Ooredoo Stage area.




For Falun Mine we have created two products. One is a 3D visualization map that lets you interact with and navigate the mine. The second product is a game that walks you through the copper's path from ore to finished product, as well as comparing the efficiency of older and more modern methods.




Tension and Ericsson developed the world’s first 5G application called “KT Omniview” for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang with zero delay. The app enabled users to follow races in Cross Country Skiing on phones, tablets and in VR. All in real-time with features such as free-flight 3D-maps, live camera streams, automatic closest-camera tracking, first-person race view in 3D, live results, sponsor videos, and skier stats and history.