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Simulator Application: Dala Sports Academy


Dala Sports Academy




Simulator for Lab Installation


3 months

Simulator Application with Track Profile for Lab Installation.


Win, Hardware, VR, Oculus Rift


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Custom Hardware Interfacing, Topology Modeling, Athlete Performance Simulation, 2D, VR

A couple of years ago, DSA acquired a gargantuan treadmill named "the Beast." No kidding. It is the world's largest serially produced treadmill. It can tilt up to 12° and is big enough to go skiing on. Tension has developed a big-screen visualization system for the Beast where the speed of the skier controls the virtual track or vice versa. The track and environment are a true-to-life model of a portion of Falun's Lugnet cross-country skiing complex.


Aside from enhancing the testing experience and making it much more fun and immersive, this also meant that skiers from all over the world could try out various features of one of the championship tracks beforehand.

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