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Fan Engagement
Application LIFE




Sports Demo Application for Public & Event Installation.


Ericsson, Leksands IF, Onsite Sport, Telenor, Google

Year & Duration

2023, 2 months

To increase audience attendance at stadiums, Tension has developed an app to provide a completely new gaming-inspired, more interactive sports experience. With Leksands IF, Telenor, and Ericsson, the audience can create their own sports experience via the 5G network of the future.


Win & Android.


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Proprietary video streaming solution, Sub-second buffering/latency streaming, Automatic real-time camera switching, 5G transmission, six camera angles, Player information, Dynamic Sponsors, AR in-games, Virtual Teams, Personal Avatars, and more.


TENSION's patented technology in hardware and software forms the base for the initiated pilot project with Leksands IF. The aim is to attract the digital generation "Gen Z" to their fan base. This is done via the LIFE app developed by TENSION and based on a platform from Onsite Sport, a company that combines gaming technology with sports experiences.


The platform from Onsite Sport is based on engagement-driving features in Gamification, such as reward systems, AR games, personal avatars, virtual teams, and more. The project also includes "Fan-based Control of Experience," where the app user can experience the arena from unique camera angles and direct their own sports experience.


With Telenor and Ericsson's help, the future of communication is enabled via 5G at Tegera Arena in Leksand, which takes the sports experience to new levels. The experience is intended to be available to the entire Leksands IF fan base. Telenor and Ericsson's technology and network make the platform as seamless via the app as it is in real life.

The project is currently implemented at Leksands IF's home arena but also illustrates a concept that has a broader application for other clubs and events. The project was presented as a Proof of Concept with Ericsson during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 2023.


The app is called LIFE (Leksands IF Immersive Fan Engagement) and contains several functions within Gamification and "User-based Control of Experience."


The features are based on a framework from Onsite Sport, which specializes in software development and front-end Fan Engagement. Tension contributes to the technology required for multi-camera streaming, where Intel delivers high-quality servers that allow streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.


Ericsson and Telenor are enabling the fast 5G network required to achieve the seamless experience needed for the technology and framework, which has been implemented at Leksands IF's home arena Tegera Arena in Dalarna.

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