Our Pride breakfast is served! 


Linnea Risinger visited us from Falu Pride culture association.


Glitter, flags and Love was splashed all around our big conferens room in the house aka Challenge. This is where the event was held.

Some of PlaygroundSquads supervisors enjoyed the range of breakfast options.

Everyone has a right to love, be who they want to be and do what makes them happy.
This is something we think is very important at the Tension house. So during Dala Pride week, we really wanted to do something special. Special we did, we held a Pride breakfast for anyone who wanted to join. Or as a clever person at Tension said on why a Pride breakfast was a great idea -
"We can't change the world right away, but we can take small steps together."

We had an idea of getting people together on Friday as a final touch before the Pride parade on Saturday. So we did! At 8:30 we filled our biggest event room with guests and had the pleasure of having Linnea Risinger here from Falu Pride culture association during our breakfast. She talked about Dala Pride festival as it is a intersectional norm critical festival that was launched in 2012 and how it has grown bigger every year since then. 
Their goal is to awaken new thoughts from the visitors and question invasive thinking patterns, and they want to do that with personal stories, unexpected knowledge in unexpected forms, meetings between different kinds of people, cultural experiences, and by connecting different issues with each other so that we suddenly see new ways of dealing with ourselves and others. 

Linnea also talked about what it can be like as a queer gamer, how people treat you online and women in the gaming industry. What an image of the classic gamer looks like and what the statistics look like this year for women in the industry. Have we become more women in the game industry or has it start to stagnate. What do you think? We know. What we also know is that according to the Swedish Game Industry Developer Index Report of 2016 the number of women working in the industry today is more than the number of men who worked in the industry ten years ago.

After a great breakfast we continued with a discussion regarding all of the topics we touched during Linneas speach, this time together with a local newspaper.
We made plans for the future. Exhiting things are coming up and we are very proud to be a part of that journey. It is time to roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work! 

We want to stay in the front row. Exactly where we belong. 
If you want to be a part of our next event or have questions about this event. Feel free to contact us. 

A big THANK YOU to Linnea Risinger who came to the event! We are so happy for that!