Tension is proud to be a sponsor to this years edition of Stugan!

So what is Stugan:
"Stugan is a Swedish non-profit accelerator for games, situated in a beautiful location where people from all over the world can come and work on their games for free. The games which will be created in the cabin will be owned by the participants themselves. The project aims to help young talented game developers to start their career."

This year there will be 15 teams from 11 different countries! Amazing! In the middle beginning om August there will be an event at the Tensionhouse where the teams are going to show their games. More info about that soon!

To read more about Stugan, please visit and don't forget to follow them on facebook @stugancamp for the latest news! You can now read about this years teams there! 

Look at these 15 amazing games that will be created during this years Stugan edition!