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We Nurture Gaming Culture and Empower Youth 

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Letting Nerds be Nerds

A safe haven for kids to express their interests

Focusing on tabletop gaming, creativity, community, nerdiness, and having fun!

Being a nerd is the best there is. Here, you'll be accepted for who you are and what you like, no matter what. At NÖRDLOVET, we believe that innovation and creativity nurture a true interest. That's why we include that in everything we do: Here, kids get to use their minds to innovate in creative processes outside the realm of typical sponsored activities for children.

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Workshops to try out new activities

Discover the Joy of Nerdiness! Join our free NÖRDLOV workshops featuring role-playing, animation, sketching, stop-motion, miniature figure painting, and card games like Magic The Gathering and Keyforge. Tailored experiences based on your requests and available leaders!

Activities for relaxing and socializing

Make Yourself at Home at NÖRDLOVET! Explore our cozy and fun spaces with board games, activity games, coloring stations, and more where you can hang out to relax or take in your surroundings at a comfortable pace. Feel free to bring your own geekiness and indulge in some tinkering for great fun!"

A safe heaven

Experience NÖRDLOVET at TENSIONhuset in Falun, Dalarna, your haven for geeks of all ages to immerse themselves in gaming culture. Discover unique activities not typically found in leisure parks, schools, or cultural centers.

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Help us offer children a sense of community within the culture of gaming

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